About Our Soap Cutters

Our soap cutters were designed in 3 stages (or versions). By the request of a good friend, who began making soap to relax and to address a personal need for good quality and natural soap. LuLa Naturals makes wonderful soap, but was finding it hard to find a clean, quick way to cut her large slabs. After discussing it over with Lew, he put together a sliding table soap cutter for her. She used it for a while and came back with some suggestions. Thus, the second version was designed and made. It also was used and more improvements were included in version number three. This is the version we make today. We make them only in small batches, insuring they are made to Lew’s high engineering standards. We do all the work ourselves and don’t cut corners on quality of materials or design. This is why you will never see them in great quantities in our Etsy shop.

We just sold out of soap cutters again and we are going to take a break from making them for a while. We will start making them again next year and should have some available early summer of 2018. 

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Thanks! Peggi & Lew


Here are the full instructions on using our soap cutters.

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