About Smith Creek Studio

We are craftsmen working in wood, ceramics and paint. We both grew up in DYI families. I began by making paper hats and selling them to friends and family when I was 5 years old. I had my first sewing machine at 6. Lew took up photography in high school and even worked at a local Arlington VA paper developing film. Lew and his dad often built projects in their small, but good woodworking shop. They both are engineers and bring their talents to designing and constructing well, thought out wood products, as seen in Lew’s sliding table soap cutter. After many years living in Atlanta, we have retired and moved to a small town on the inner banks of North Carolina. We now have time to fill our days designing and creating. In our spare time we spend time sailing and with our dogs. We are busier than ever!

About Our Soap Cutters

Our soap cutters were designed in 3 stages (or versions). By the request of a good friend, who began making soap to relax and to address a personal need for good quality and natural soap. LuLa Naturals makes wonderful soap, but was finding it hard to find a clean, quick way to cut her large slabs. After discussing it over with Lew, he put together a sliding table soap cutter for her. She used it for a while and came back with some suggestions. Thus, the second version was designed and made. It also was used and more improvements were included in version number three. This is the version we make today. We make them only in small batches, insuring they are made to Lew’s high engineering standards. We do all the work ourselves and don’t cut corners on quality of materials or design. This is why you will never see them in great quantities in our Etsy shop. We believe they are worth the wait.

Our Other Creations

We are not soap makers ourselves, but love to create (we understand the joy of making things by hand!) we also design, build and create many other crafts. Lew makes beautiful wooden magnifying glasses on his lathe along with wood turned bowls, boxes and even sake cups. I love working in clay, making bowls, cups, plates and little mini vases. The organic nature of clay is smoothing to the soul. And then there is also those whimsical paintings . . .

Please join us in our Etsy Shop to see what we have been creating lately or follow us on Facebook to see our latest projects.

Have a creative day! Peggi & Lew

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